Artist’s Statement

Jewelry has always been a central part of my life. As a kid I strung African trade beads for hours with my sister. As a teenager I helped my mother run a jewelry store in our hometown, Annapolis. Throughout my 20’s and 30s I traveled to many areas of the world and have avidly collected antique and ethnic jewelry pieces along the way.

I have developed a passion for jewelry and I am now devoting much of my life to it. My inspiration comes from history, decorative arts and antique artifacts. My pieces often borrow from a cultural or historical form such as the “Amphora” series, with pendants that evoke the shape of the ancient Greek and Roman amphorae used for storing wine or oil. I also love to study cultural movements such as the art nouveau period for inspiration. Some of my pieces incorporate an antique relic such as a piece of old Chinese porcelain.

I am fascinated with the way in which the past, be it a traditional form or an antique item, is given new life in a piece that I’ve made. I am never more fulfilled than when I am at my bench bringing a piece of jewelry to life or sketching new ideas for the next piece.